Manchester United keen on €100m defender – Approaches have been made, goodbye match may happened

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Antonio Silva, the center back for Benfica, is once more being linked to Manchester United.

According to a story published in the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã, the defender could have played his farewell match at Estádio da Luz last weekend.

In the summer transfer window, Benfica needs to sell, and Silva is rumored to have had approaches from other teams.

Among the interested parties are Manchester United and other teams like Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain. The tabloid claims that they have all been “keeping an eye” on the athlete.

The fact that Benfica intends to negotiate him for a sum that is comparable to his €100 million release clause now makes this operation extremely challenging.
Although Silva has recently showed promise for the Eagles, it doesn’t seem probable that Manchester United or any other team will spend so much on him given the club’s recent disappointing season.

That remains to be seen, though, given that the team in question is maybe the finest negotiator in all of sports.

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