Superstar striker is the ‘perfect player’ for Erik ten Hag

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The movement to move Rasmus Hjlund from Atlanta to Manchester is gaining momentum every day.

With Erik ten Hag as a fervent supporter, the Danish striker has quickly become United’s top choice this summer.

According to reports, the Dutch manager “loves” Hjlund and thinks he is the “perfect player” to fit into the evolving Old Trafford tactical scheme. Ten Hag has stated clearly the significance of a new striker, outlining the necessary qualifications as early as April.

Hjlund has excellent physical attributes and the necessary talents to thrive at the highest level, but it is yet unclear whether he will be able to establish these abilities at the pinnacle of European football.

Atalanta’s nine goals in 32 Serie A games does not scream star striker, but Hjlund’s future can be seen by his six goals in four European Championship Qualifying matches.

The physically intimidating attacker turned 20 in February; it is clear that he has room to quickly improve, especially in a league where speed and strength are king.

According to reports, Ten Hag is unconcerned about the Premier League’s transition process since he thinks Hjlund can “establish himself quickly” in English football.

Hjlund will be joining a club that is lacking in quality up front, despite comparisons to Erling Haaland being premature and certain to end in disappointment. The Stretford End’s expectations of a striker have fallen so low that all that the Dane needs to do to succeed is to keep in shape and run quickly; anything else will be a welcome bonus.

According to reports, United and Atalanta have been in talks about a deal for some time, but a formal offer is about to be made. Although all parties appear motivated, a gap in the player’s valuations between the two clubs suggests that this transaction may take some time.

The move to United is reportedly a “priority” for Hjlund, who seems to share the same goals as his potential manager. It’s reported that Ten Hag and Hjlund had already had multiple video conversations together.

With the help of his new agent, SEG International Agency, which is also the firm that represents Ten Hag, the Dane has already “agreed on terms” with United.

In a similar vein, Atlanta itself seems content with the arrangement. The retention of players “who want to be protagonists” with Atalanta is the most crucial factor, according to Luca Percassi, CEO of la Dea. A solution seems near because Hjlund seems to think that his goals lie in another theatre.

Ten Hag, a player he “loves” and who is “perfect” for his tactical style, may soon have his long-desired number nine.

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