“Those close to the process” – Fabrizio Romano reveals interesting Man United takeover claim 

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe and the INEOS company are more likely to provide Manchester United with a superior takeover proposal than Sheikh Jassim.

What has changed recently about United’s possible takeover?

With a victory over Aston Villa, United made another advancement on the pitch in its pursuit of Champions League eligibility for the upcoming campaign.

The team of Erik ten Hag presently leads Liverpool in the Premier League standings by seven points with a game remaining. Liverpool is currently in fifth place.

The Red Devils are confidently poised to compete in Europe’s top league next season, but the future of the Glazer family is less assured.

The two major players in the takeover contest both made new bids on Friday, with Sheikh Jassim making a record-breaking offer for United.

Indeed, it has been reported that the £5 billion Qatari bid was submitted just before the deadline of 10 p.m.

Qatar’s offer would make United the most expensive sports team ever sold, but it is still rumoured to be below the Glazer’s estimate.

Furthermore, according to sources cited by Fabrizio Romano in a video posted to his YouTube channel, the Glazers are currently more attracted to Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s offer:

(0:50) We now know that the Qatari group is farther away than the INEOS group in terms of making the best proposal, according to people involved in the process.

“This is the current perception, but those close to Sheikh Jassim and the Qatari group remain optimistic. They continue to believe that their offer is the most aggressive.

Will the Glazers sell everything?

It has become clear that the Glazers are far from certain to leave in the upcoming weeks and months because sources indicate that they might decide to take the club off the market.

In fact, ESPN has stated that the Americans would even consider keeping the Red Devils for an additional ten years if they believe there is a chance to significantly boost their return.

Ratcliffe’s offer is reportedly for the majority of the Premier League heavyweights, leaving the Glazers with a negligible stake in the organisation.

As a result, unlike with the Qatari bid, the American family would continue to have some control over future events at Old Trafford.

On Sunday, talkSPORT’s Mark Goldbridge attacked Ratcliffe and his plan for the club, claiming it is unlikely to result in significant changes at Old Trafford.

“What’s wonderful about a guy letting Joel and Avram stay in exchange for a deal? Before you discuss stadiums, signing Harry Kane, or whatever else you want to discuss. What is good about a man who is buying half of the club from Joel and Avram?” he questioned.

Romano’s claim that there is still hope within the Qatari camp is intriguing, but the Glazers will undoubtedly be drawn to the prospect of having some influence within the club.

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