‘I heard’: Fabrizio Romano says ‘sensational’ defender more likely to join Man Utd than Liverpool

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The biggest transfer sagas of this summer are expected to revolve on Napoli’s key players, and Kim Min-Jae is one of them.

The center-back does, in fact, have a release clause that takes effect this summer, and a number of elite clubs in Europe, notably Liverpool and Manchester United, have been connected.

What will happen to the South Korean then? It’s unclear which team he will sign with right now, but Here We Go Podcast guest Fabrizio Romano claims the defender is more likely to sign with Manchester United than Liverpool right now.

Kim will probably sign with Man Utd.

Romano talked about the’sensational’ defender from what he has heard.

“According to what I gather, Kim’s contract is being sought after by Napoli, although Premier League clubs are reportedly also interested. Kim doesn’t want to be sidetracked by Napoli, but we will be more clear after this week. Kim Min-Jae is a tremendous opportunity, but for now I’ve heard more about Man United than Liverpool,” Romano remarked.

Both require him.

Although Kim Min-Jae is more likely to sign with United than Liverpool this summer, both teams might use his services after the season is over.

In fact, the Reds have had trouble at center back this season, especially on the right side, and Raphael Varane, who anchors Manchester United’s defense, isn’t getting any younger.

It’s not surprising to see that United are ahead of Liverpool in this race given their increased likelihood of playing in the Champions League next season, but it remains to be seen if either team can successfully close a deal.

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