“That’s what I want” – Mark Goldbridge “over the moon” after hearing Man United rumour

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According to YouTuber Mark Goldbridge, if Manchester United can sign defender Kim Min-jae in the summer transfer window, he will be “over the moon.”

What has recently happened with MUFC and Kim Min-jae?

Given that the Red Devils have lately been mentioned in Italian media, it appears that the Napoli player may be on the Premier League club’s shopping list this summer.

According to Luca Cerchione, a writer, “He could play elsewhere already next season: Liverpool and Manchester United are on him,” he recently told FootballNews24.

Goldridge couldn’t contain his excitement as he discussed the idea of Kim joining Man United in the future. He envisions Erik ten Hag being able to alternate between Lisandro Martinez, Raphael Varane, and the present Serie A star, who makes roughly £55k per week.

I’ll be over the moon if we get Kim Min-jae, the YouTuber said in a recent episode of The United Stand (28:14). Since you can only choose two, you suddenly have Martinez, Varane, and Kim Min-jae.

“I don’t care if we keep Lindelof, Maguire, or both. Varane is put under strain if you have Martinez, Kim Min-jae, and Varane. He’s also one of the top center backs in the world, and Kim Min-jae is putting pressure on him. I want that from United.

“Manchester City have it. Laporte, Diaz, Stones, Ake, and Akanji all play for Man City. There are five competent center backs there. We have two…

We have Martinez and Varane, and Luke Shaw, our third-best center back, is technically a left-back. Kim Min-jae at Manchester United is someone I would adore.

Kim: Will he join Man U?

Not to dampen Goldbridge’s enthusiasm, but the defender recently stated that he is content with Napoli for the time being on the record.

He actually stated to the media (via Goal): “As you know, those rumors are not at all true. I want to put my team first. I need to play in a lot of competitions.

“I’ve heard these rumors for the past four or five years. It’s unpleasant. I wish you would stop spreading those rumors.

He seems to be solely focused on succeeding with Napoli at the moment, but it appears that he will win Serie A with his team well ahead of the competition, and he may even get a taste of European success with this week’s Champions League quarterfinal matchup against AC Milan.

If he succeeds in winning everything in Italy, he might be ready for a fresh challenge in England. Man United supporters can only continue to fantasize for the time being.

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