“Name that keeps coming up” – Insider hints at alternative Kane plan eyed by Ten Hag at MUFC.

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Mohamed Kudus, a top player for Ajax, may be signed by Manchester United this summer.

Could Kudus be acquired by Manchester United this summer?

The 22-year-old midfielder, who has previously played for Erik ten Hag, presently has just over two years left on his contract with the Dutch team.

The Ghanaian has already made 42 appearances for United under the current manager, recording five goals and four assists.

Speaking on TalkSport, source Alex Crook revealed the 22-year-name old’s keeps coming up when discussing the Red Devils’ prospective plans for the summer transfer window.

“Mohammed Kudus is the other name that keeps coming up,” he said. He participated in the World Cup and is familiar to Ajax’s Erik ten Hag.

What does this indicate about the MUFC’s desire for Harry Kane?

With the 22-year-old having already played four positions this season, Kudus has established himself as an exceptionally adaptable player throughout his tenure in the Eredivisie.

Nevertheless, this season, the most of his playing time has been spent as a center-forward, and out of his 16 appearances, he has contributed nine goals and two assists (via Transfermarkt).

The Ghanaian has been able to offer Ajax with an astounding 17 goals and four assists this season across all leagues and positions.

There is a huge disparity between their league statistics and those of players like the rumored target Harry Kane, with Kane scoring eight more goals (18) than Kudus (10) in their respective leagues.

And given that United need a reliable striker who will score goals on a regular basis, it seems like Kudus, despite being young, could be a major risk.

The Ajax front might give United versatility because he can operate as a winger and an offensive midfielder, but United currently has plenty of options in those positions.

Even physically, the two attackers would have quite different things to contribute because Kane is much bigger than the Ajax player, who is barely 6 feet tall.

Given United’s depth in the wide areas, it seems like Kudus or Kane might be the final decision (or an alternative striker).

Kane does seem like the more obvious choice for United given the experience he has under his belt, even though he would present his own problems given that he would reach 30 in the coming months.

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