Roy Keane rips into Man Utd’s ’embarrassing’ senior players who ‘let club down’

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Roy Keane unleashed a scathing diatribe at Manchester United’s senior players who ‘let the club down’ following their devastating 7-0 defeat at Liverpool.

As Liverpool defeated the Red Devils in their biggest-ever competitive victory, Jurgen Klopp’s team shredded United.

With Wolves in 1931, Aston Villa in 1930, and Blackburn in 1926, United’s 7-0 losses against those teams rank as their three other worst competitive losses ever.

Keane, a United icon, expressed his outrage at his former team’s performance by telling Sky Sports that he would hide if they defeated him by a score of 6-0 or 7-0. I would vanish for a while. That embarrassingness is true.

Unbelievable day. After the goal shortly after halftime, the contest was finished.

‘The older players were humiliating and showed no sign of leadership. They shockingly conceded the goals. One of United’s worst days.

‘Thank God, while playing for Man United, I’ve never been a member of a team that’s been thrashed by that much.

The athletes would feel humiliated and embarrassed by their performance. They disappeared when things became difficult.

When you are down by two goals, you need to have some pride, grit, and character, but they lacked all of those qualities.

‘I never believed that United were back to their absolute peak. They’ve achieved a few excellent successes. They have been giving clubs a chance, like West Ham and Leicester at home. They have been absolved by the teams.

Liverpool did not absolve them of responsibility and penalized them. They deserve praise for being there. They were brutal and clinical. They persisted and desired greater objectives.

The club was let down today by the senior players, according to the statement.

In order to prepare for their return to play against Real Betis of Spain in the Europa League’s round of 16, United will focus on their recovery.

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